Tri State Hydraulics

TRI STATE Hydraulics brings to the market a unique combination of distribution, manufacturing and service.  No company in the industry has this kind of lineup. The products we represent are the leaders of the industry, the cylinders we build are the most robust, and the service is the best around.  Most companies are one or the other, TRI STATE Hydraulics brings it all!


"We don't repair cylinders, we rebuild them."
                            Jim Palmer Sr., Founder 

What does TRI-STATE Hydraulics do that is different from the competition?

The main and most important difference is our attention to detail.

As a standard procedure, we do more in repairing a cylinder than our competitors.

For example:
  • Pre-teardown pictures
  • Cylinder Dimensional "Measure Sheets"
  • Oil Samples
  • NDT / Check All Welds (Dye Penetrant Test)
  • Photo All Parts (Showing Wear or Damage)
  • Dimension and Tolerance All Parts
  • Access the Damage of Each Part
  • Provide Failure Analysis
  • Suggest Design Changes
  • Suggest Cost Savings Ideas
  • List All Individual Seals & Fasteners
  • Check Dimensions to Customer Prints (if provided)
  • Confirm Assembly Dimensions
  • Photo Assembled Cylinder
  • Record Fastener Torques
  • Perform a (3) Part Hydraulic Test
  • Photo the Test
  • Tag & Paint to Specifications
  • Package Cylinder - Palletize & Plastic Wrap

Most of our competitors (possibly all) do none of the above, unless specifically asked.

Look for opportunities to mention the extent of our detail.

Does your current supplier take photos?
Does your current supplier record all bolt torques?
Does your current supplier NDT all welds?
Does your current supplier check the chrome thickness on the rod & tube?
Does your current supplier do an internal bypass test?
Does your current supplier bring your cylinder back on a pallet?