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When a hydraulic system's contamination levels are unacceptably high, inadequate inline filters may or may not be the lone culprit.  An efficient air breather is a critical, but often overlooked component when system filtration is considered. On systems operating in dusty atmospheric conditions that experience significant changes in reservoir levels, the use of an air breather will minimize the ingestion of airborne particles as the fluid level drops. By lowering the rate of ingression of dirt, the contamination level of the system will be reduced and the service life of the system’s fluid filters will be increased.

Schroeder ABF and MBF style air breathers feature large pleated surface areas which remove airborne particles, three microns and above with exceptional dirt holding capacity. Higher dirt holding capacities extend the life of the air breather and thus the length of time between servicing.

Schroeder ABF air breathers allow high capacity air flows and are available with both NPT and flange adapters.

The Schroeder D-AB-2 and D-AB-4 desiccant filter breathers feature a dual filtration process, removing water as well as solid contaminants (2 and 4 micron absolute), respectively. Moisture can decrease a fluid’s stability and reduce its service life, as well as cause oxidation and rust. Use of a desiccant breather keeps the air entering a reservoir clean and dry.


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