Tri State Hydraulics

Construction & Features


Behringer is in its seventh generation of graded density glass                                             media that delivers required cleanliness, while optimizing dirt-                                                   holding capacity

Dynamic Filter Efficiency (DFE)

Behringer is one of the first filtration manufacturers in the                                                   world to employ DFE testing. DFE rated elements perform                                                     true to ratings. Even under demanding variable flow and                                                       high vibration conditions. Today's industrial and mobile                                                   hydraulic circuits require filter elements that consistently                                                           deliver specified cleanliness under all circumstances. Wire                                                     mesh supports the media against cyclical flow fatigue, temp-                                               erature, and chemical resistance failures possible in filters                                                         with synthetic support mesh.

  • Inorganic Fiber Media with graded density of decreasing                                             pore size.

  • Upstream and downstream wire mesh support layers                                           ensuring pleat uniformity.

  • Particulate removal ratings include 1, 3, 6, 12, 15, 25                                               micron with efficiencies of 99.5%, Beta Ratios greater                                             then or equal to 200.

  • FPM and EPR seals, stainless hardware, and phosphate                                             coated hardware are available for varying fluids.

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