Tri State Hydraulics

Self-Erecting Tower

The Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower is a self-erecting-tower-lift system that enables you to build a free standing gantry from ground level. The Self-Erecting Tower can be supplied in various capacities and heights and built with standard modular components, enabling a flexible solution to future project demands.

The Self-Erecting Tower enables moving the load in all directions: lifting, lowering, skidding back and forth, and side shift capabilities. Lifting and skidding are achieved using standard Enerpac strand jacks that can also be used for other applications.

The Self-Erecting Tower is a versatile lift-system that can be used in a wide variety of operations, for example the installation of reactor vessels in a petrochemical plants or erecting a shipyard crane. When compared with large capacity cranes, the Self-Erecting Tower significantly reduces transportation and set up costs.

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