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Legacy Controllers

Legacy Motion Controllers

While Delta does not recommend these controllers for new designs, Delta is committed to providing support for its legacy controllers. Delta's policy is to not obsolete any product as long as there is demand and component parts are available for building these products.

All of Delta's legacy products are still serviced and available for sale to support existing designs. Since many industrial machines have a working life of 20-30 years or more, being able to get service and buy spares many years after the original installation is very important.

Legacy controllers may also make sense when duplicating an existing machine or in retrofit/upgrade situations. Delta?s legacy controllers include:
  • MMC120: Two axis linear motion controller for use with the Schneider Quantum Series PLC.
  • TMC188/40:  Plugs into the Siemens Simatic 505 Series PLC
  • MMC188/4x:  Plugs into the Schneider Modicon 800 Series PLC
  • VMC186/40:  Plugs into VMEbus, including VMEbus-based PLCs
  • MC186/40:  Delta's oldest motion controller, plugs into Multibus I
All of these controllers share cables and setup and diagnostics programming. The software requires a PC capable of running DOS, so it is important that users requiring long-term support for these controllers make provisions for maintaining PCs capable of operating the DCSMon software.
If you have any questions regarding support requirements, please contact us.
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