Tri State Hydraulics

Flow Dividers

DELTA DELAGE High-precision flow dividers The rotating gear flow divider is the ideal device for fully synchronizing cylinders. Very easy to use and finished to a very high standard, ADES Technologies? flow divider will satisfy the most exacting requirements for precision and reliability. Materials Sleeve: high-strength semi-steel Gear: treated, ground and polished stainless steel Dimension and pressure Capacities from 2 to 30 cm3/T Input pressure of 17 bars at 350 bars as standard Type of circuit Mineral oil as standard or glycol water Applications Any application requiring full synchronization of cylinders (2% variance, compensating speed 1/10th of a second) and great reliability. Product benefits High in-flow rate possible Precision: 98% efficiency at an ideal rotation speed of 1500 rpm Built-in pressure controller, by section Leaks are impossible between sections Regular flow rate guaranteed Compensating speed between cylinder in the order of 1/10th of a second* Can be used as pressure intensifier Reliability: average service life of 35000 hours* (*not contractually binding)

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