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Hyd. High Pressure Valve

40 years experience for unmatched performance


The successive integration of brands and Auxim Delage Delta allows ADES Technologies to benefit from 40 years of experience for its solutions high hydraulic pressure valves.

ADES Technologies pioneered in this field by providing, from the beginning, solutions "wafer" that have been adapted to the SAE standard and a floating seal trim, which has often been copied, but still maintains a technological lead.  Also He always paid special attention to the couple of high pressure valves to very large sizes.


Under the brand name Delta Delage, these valves are specific sealing it becomes more efficient on the market.

Sleeve phosphate-treated steel, stainless steel (or surface treatments on demand) 
Ball Stainless steel 
Sealing Polyacétal
Seals Buna, FKM (Viton), EPDM, Specific 
Handle forged steel 
Temperature range according to seals 

Assembly options 
In-line (between flanges) 
Flanged laterally impact (with or without retaining plate) 
On base (Manifold) 

Any type of flange (BW, BSPP, SW etc) SAE impact 
Cetop or proprietary (RD) 

Micro contact (electric or induction) 
Can be padlocked 
Type of drive (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic) 
Repair kit. 

Type of circuit:  Oil, Air, Nitrogen, Water, Fuel, Gas, Aeronautical oil, Esters-phosphates, Etc. 
Product benefits: 
  • Low operating torque including high DN at high pressure
  • ?High pressure/high DN/Operating torque 
  • Flange connection (standardized SAE or manufacturer RD) 
  • Easy fitting and removal with flange connection, without moving the pipework 
  • Small spatial requirement with built-in connections 
  • No more stacking of connectors or risk of leaks 
  • Integral passage 
  • High-pressure resistance (delta P maintained) 
  • Manufacturer?s plate (traceability) 
  • Individually assembled and tested 
  • Reliable performance over time 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Proven design (dating from the 1960s for the RDs and 1980s for the HPs), based on hydraulic know-how. 
  • Experience in difficult environments where reliability is required 
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