Tri State Hydraulics

Multiple Outlet

Multiple Outlet Hydraulic Pumps For Synchronized Cylinder Movement

Split-Flow® hydraulic pumps, with independent multiple outlets, efficiently supply flows to multiple function circuits.

The checkball pump design, with isolated pumping chambers, allows the output of each piston to be used separately. These pumps provide multiple flows from one pump, with greater accuracy than flow dividers.

Multiple Outlet Benefits

  • Supply flow for synchronized movement of cylinders and motors without flow dividers.
  • Supply independent flows to multiple functions in a circuit with separate loads.
  • Efficiently supply flow in a system with changing flow and pressure requirements.

Isolator Valve Models

Isolator valves, which screw into the pumping chambers, can isolate the output of one or more individual pistons from the main pump outlet. Up to ten independent flows are possible from a ten-piston pump. See theIsolator Valve Selection Table.

Split-Flow-Cover Models

In split-flow-cover models, individual piston outputs are grouped together in the pump cover or barrel. This design provides smooth multiple flows to meet hydraulic system requirements. See the Split-Flow-Cover Selection Table.

Greater Accuracy 
Than Flow Dividers

During Split-Flow® pump operation, the precise output from each piston stroke provides consistent flow from each pump outlet. The result is improved accuracy compared to using flow dividers, which are likely to have flow variations in the secondary branches, especially in series circuits.


Multiple outlet pumps can simplify a circuit, providing more accurate flow with fewer components and less piping. A single pump can eliminate separate dedicated pumps or mechanical gear boxes.

A single pump can provide synchronized cylinder movement without using flow dividers. These pumps provide unique advantages for lifting, jacking and skidding, increasing the accuracy and flexibility of systems for handling heavy loads.

In Hi-Lo circuits, one pump can efficiently supply fluid in a circuit with changing flow and pressure requirements. This makes the pumps ideal for clamping, pressing and high-torque tool applications.