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The design of the feedback mechanism has contributed to improve through R&D, experience in the field and expertise in manufacturing.  In addition to Mechanical Feedback Servo Valves discussed in this paper, Moog also offers Proportional Valves with Electrical Feedback Mechanisms that offer advanced microprocessing and new possibilities for functionality.  A combination of advanced control algorithms and improved position feedback has increased the dynamic performance and accuracy of the hydraulic valve to the benefit of many industrial applications.

Improvements in the servo and proportional valve continue to evolve with digital control algorithms compensating for nonlinearities that are inherent in hydraulic systems.  In effect, a smart hydraulic valve is capable of providing higher bandwidth and greater positioning accuracy.  Control parameters can be downloaded using a fieldbus or a high level PLC program allowing valve control functions to be tuned by a software interface even during the machine operating cycle.  It also allows integrated continuous monitoring of a range of important valve and system functions and remote diagnostics for troubleshooting.

Key Innovations

  • Advanced control algorithms improving dynamic performance

  • Compensation for nonlinearities

  • Fieldbus interface provides tuning during machine cycling

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