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...Costs Increase Importance of Motion Control Product Selection

Selectign the ideal motion control components remains central to achieving design goals in machine performance. Design engineers must evaluate each component's impact on the total lifecylce cost (TLC) of the machine.  The selection of high quality components is critical to minimizing unplanned downtime.  The cost of operational loss during unplanned downtime whether it is industrial production or transportation justifies the time it takes an engineer to evaluate the life expectancy of critical components on equipment.  For example, test stands and flight simulators are valued in the millions of dollars and the unexpected failure of a servo valve or actuator translates into lost revenues and schedule delays that can often exceed the original equipment cost.

Experienced machinery design engineers know that selecting a hydraulic servo valve that provides a high degree of reliability is essential to preventing unplanned downtime.  Moog's Servo Valves are often selected for quality and reliability and it is not uncommon for these products to be in active service for 25 years.  While design engineers routinely select Moog Servo Valves for critical machine applications, many may not know why these valves keep performing for such a long lifetime even in some of the world's most demanding applications such as steel production, test rigs, gas turbines and industrial production machinery.

Key Elements of Long Life Servo Valve Designs

  • Carbide ball-in-hole technology in the mechanical feedback design has provided superior performance since 1994

  • Carbide vs. Sapphire ball - Testing proves wear characteristics of carbide is comparable to sapphire ball and overall reliability in the field is better for carbide

  • Moog's latest ball-in-hole design radically increases life expectancy over ball-in-slot version.

    Figure 1 - Sequential, Iterative Design Model is Costly and Time Consuming
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