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Oil-Service for Hydraulic and Lubrication

The oil-service for systems of hydraulic and lubrication techniques demands, apart from the operating filter, the application of a filter unit for off-line filtration and for oil change or rather for filling.  The reasons for this can be found in different application matters.  So intiation rinsing does not often take place, for example in production and lubrication systems as well as in mobile and stationary hydraulic.  Oil is poured in unfiltered and an accumulation of mud of the tanks takes place because of finest dirt particles.

The equipment of a hydraulic system with an electromotive unti to the off-line filtration allows to improve the cleanness of the operating fluid by system filters who achieve a higher quality.  Especially reduced is the finest dirt level and though the early wear and tear of the system components is prevented. Beyond this, the durability of the operating fluid is prolonged distinctly.

To avoid negative and uncontrolled influences of polluted decanting systems as well as the pollution of the system upon adding unclean fresh oils, the fluid should in amy  case be filled in via a fine filter of an off-line filter unit.

Off-Line Filtration

At the off-line filtration the filter is arranged in a circulation separated from the main stream.  Because of the separation of both streams the filter can be determined exactly.  The off-line filtration can now be operated as long as the operating fluid reaches the wanted cleanliness classes, regardless of the running time of the system.


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