Tri State Hydraulics

UFS 41

Off-lin-Filter Unit UFS 41 stationary

  • Off-line filtration

  • Off-line filtration in addition to an operating system filter

  • Filtration when filling the oil tank

  • Improvement of the cleanliness class

  • Exrtension of the service life of the system components and the fluid

  • Change of elements without downtime of the system

  • High dirt holding capacity of the filter elements

  • Element change without tools

  • Safety valves allow an unattended operation of the units

  • No connection between dirt side and clean-oil side

  • Standard visual clogging indicator

  • Low overall volume
  • UFM 41/80. standard:
                 *16.41 ft. electric connecting line
                 *8.86 ft. suction- and discharge hoses equiped with lances
                 *handtruck with oil pan
  • UFM 15/41/80:
                 *On/Off switch and protective motor switch
  • UFM/S 41/80:
                 *Standard filter elements according to DIN 24550 T4 with the nominal size 630