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SFP-Series, 700 bar...

SFP-Series, 700 bar Split Flow Hydraulic Pumps

The electric driven split flow pump is an economical solution for multi-point controlled lifting applications

  • Multiple Outlets with Equal Oil Flow

  • 2, 4 or 6 split-flow outlets

  • Individual or simultaneous operation of valves, with advance/hold/retract function

  • Joystick (manual) controlled or pendant (solenoid) controlled valves

  • Flow per outlet ranging from 0,45 to 4,20 l/min at 700 bar

  • For double- and single-acting cylinders

  • Adjustable pressure relief valve per circuit

  • Reservoir: 40 or 150 liters.

This product is only available in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia

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