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6800 - ALEMITE Lever-Action Coupler

Lever-Action Coupler

Model 6800

This coupler is ideal for lubricating agricultural, construction, industrial, trucking, automotive and commercial lawn equipment – anywhere a grease gun is operated. The Lever-Action Coupler provides easy attachment and removal from the fitting. Its excellent sealing minimizes grease waste to lower lubricant costs. Featuring an ergonomic lever design, the coupler remains attached to the fitting without being heldin place, enabling one-handed grease gun operation. Its sturdy, all-steel construction with spring-steel jaws delivers maximum durability.

The coupler’s nylon sleeve offsets pressure applied at the lever and protects the hose from unnecessary wear. Suitable for operating with manual, pneumatic and cordless grease guns, the Lever-Action Coupler provides simple release and is designed to save the user time.


  • One-handed operation; coupler remains attached to fitting without being held in place
  • Minimizes grease loss between coupler and fitting head
  • Ergonomic lever design
  • Sturdy, all-steel construction with spring-steel jaws

Price: $25.00 / Each

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