Tri State Hydraulics

Series 2050

Download PDF:  Mechanical Seals Series 2050

The 2050 is a specifically engineered dual cartridge seal for use in mixing and agitating equipment. Designed as a true mixer seal, the FSI 2050 addresses the unique problems encountered in sealing mixers.


  • Multiple spring design and large internal radial clearances enable this seal to accommodate shaft and bore run-out conditions
  • Integral pumping ring for positive barrier fluid circulation
  • “Double balanced inboard seal” gives the inboard seal pressure reversal capabilities and allows 2050 to perform as specified during off-design operation and possible upset conditions.
  • Available external lip seal to contain and direct leakage to a safe location.
    In equipment where excessive run-out is possible this seal can be configured with an external bearing to limit shaft deflection and radial movement
  • The FSI 2050 can be custom configured to allow for contacting face dry running service utilizing nitrogen or air purge



  • Liquid Lubricated operation: -40°F to 500°F*
    ( -40 C to 260 C)
  • Dry Running operation: -40 O F to 300 O F*
    ( -40 C to 125 C)


  • Liquid Lubricated operation: Up to 500 psi* 35 Bar
  • Dry Running operation: Up to 125 psi* 9 Bar

Shaft Speeds:

  • Up to 350 RPM*
  • Run Out .125”/3mm Radial F.I.M.


  • Metal Components: 316 SS Standard (exotics available upon request)
  • Seal Face Materials: Carbon, Carbon PTFE, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
  • Elastomers: All commercially available elastomers as specified.
  • Sizes: 1.50” to 12.00” Available in both inch and metric sizes.

As always, consult your FSI representative for applications which approach or exceed these parameters.


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