Tri State Hydraulics

V-Series, Hydraulic Press

V-Series, Hydraulic Pressure & Flow Control Valves

  • Enerpac flow and pressure control valves are rated for 700 bar operating pressure

  • All valves feature NPTF porting to insure against leakage at rated pressure

  • All valves are painted, coated, or plated for corrosion resistance                 

  • Needle valves: to control cylinder speed
    V-82: can also be used as shut-off valve for temporary load holding
    V-182: as V-82, also suitable for gauge snubbing
    V-8F: as V-82, but with very fine metering for precise flow control. Not recommended as shut-off valve

  • V-91: Snubber valve, prevent snapping of gauge pointer when load or pressure is suddenly released. Also suitable as shut-off valve to protect gauge during high cycle applications

  • V-10: auto damper valve; protect gauge during high cycle applications

  • Check valves: for load holding with cylinders, to control oil flow direction
    V-17: to resist shock and operate with low pressure drop
    V-42: pilot-operated, pilot pressure ratio 14%
    V-66: manually operated
    V-66F: same as V-66, but with fine metering for precise oil flow control

  • Pressure relief valves: limits pressure in circuit developed by pump
    V-152: ±3% repeatability

  • V-161: sequence valve; to control oil flow to a secondary circuit.


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