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Glassport Cylinders are designed & built for heavy-duty mill-type applications in either air or hydraulic service.  Only the highest quality materials & strictest machining tolerences are acceptable in every Glasspot Cylinder.  All phases of machining, from component production to final assembly, are monitored for precise adherence to design specifications.

Glassport Cylinders are rapidly gaining a reputation among major OEM & direct-user customers as being both durable & dependable in applications with the toughest requirements.  We are proud of our clyinders & our attention to detail; both are unsurpassed in this industry.



Mill-Type, Nonrotating Cylinders 
Standard Glassport Cylinders can be selected in either Air or Hydraulic Service Designs.

SERIES GA2001:  for Air Service, with operating pressures up tp 200 psi.  These cylinders are also available as
SERIES GH1001:  for Hydraulic Service, with operating pressures up to 1000 psi.  Both series are offered in standard bore sizes 2 through 20 inches.
SERIES GH2002:  for Hydraulic Service, with operating pressure up to 2000 psi.  Available in standard bore sizes 2 through 16 inches.
SERIES GH3001:  for Hydraulic Service, with operating pressures up to 3000 psi.  Available in standard bore sizes 3 through 16 inches.

Intermediate & fractional bore sizes are available upon request. Selection of a bore size depends on the force required & the pressure available.  

Cylinder Mounting Styles (for each Series)

  • Foot Mount (F)

  • Trunnion Mount (T)

  • Female Clevis Mount (C)

  • Rod End (front) Flange Mount (R)

  • Blind End (rear) Flange Mount (B)

Other mounting configurations are available upon request.

Cylinder Body

  • Standard material is DOM Mechanical Steel Tubing.  Hot finished Seamless or Centrifugally Cast Steel is also used in the larger bore sizes.

  • The bore of the cylinder is machined & honed to a 16 micro-inch finish.

  • Chrome Plating is not standard but is an option.

Cylinder Heads & Flanges

  • Cylinder Heads are constructed of steel.

  • Flanges are steel welded to the Cylinder Body.

  • Cylinder Heads & Flanges are assembled with through bolts. All bolts are Grade 8 quality high-strength steel.

  • Standard design is Octagonal, with Round & other shapes available. 

Piston Assemblies

  • Standard material is high-grade extruded ductile iron.

  • Steel & bronze overlayed steel are optional upon request.

  • Loaded Lip Seals are standard piston seals with cast iron Piston Rings, Chevrons & Wear Bands as options.  Seal material is standard Urethane.  Optional seal materials are available & should be specified for special fluid or temperature requirements. Glassport Cylinder should be consulted for recommendations.

Piston Rods

  • Standard material is Carbon Steel 1045 with a minimum 100,000 psi yield strength.  Induction hardening is optional, as is the use of alloy steels.

  • Chrome Plating is standard on all Piston Rods.

  • When Hollow Rods are required to reduce weight, DOM Tubing is used, with Chrome Plating on the OD.

  • Wrench Flats are standard.

Rod Bearing & Gland Assembly

  • Standard material is 660 Bronze for both the Bearing & Packing Gland.

  • Chevron Rod Packing is standard, with Loaded Lip Seals available as an option.

  • For special fluid or temperature requirements optional seal materials are available.  Consult the manufacturer for recommendations.


  • Cushions are optional & will be supplied upon request.

  • Cushion Assemblies are a multi-piece Bronze & Stainless Steel unit.

Stop Tubes

  • When Stop Tubes are recommended in long-stroke applications, their lengths must be specified along with the net stroke of the cylinder.  Please consult.


  • Metal Identity Tags are placed on all cylinders showing bore, stroke, model & serial number.

  • Cylinder Drawings are provided with a Parts Bill of Materials included.  Customer approval of drawings is recommended before manufacturing begins.