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HT Series – Horizontal Tank Power Units

Dynex HT Horizontal Series power units provide a wide range of reservoir sizes designed to meet JIC and NFPA specifications. These units are custom fabricated to meet specific requirements, with flows to 200 gpm (757 L/min) and pressures to 20 000 psi (1379 bar), for use with a wide range of fluids.

HT units feature rugged construction with broad circuit flexibility, ideal for heavy-duty, continuous-use industrial applications. A wide range of pumps, valves, electric motors, filters, controls and accessories are available. Prime movers are available to 200 HP and reservoirs to 1000 gallons.


Max. Operating Pressure Up to 20 000 psi (1379 bar)
Flow Range 0.1 to 200 GPM (0.379 to 758 L/min)
Power 0.50 to 200 HP (0.373 to 149 kwatts)
Reservoir Capacity Up to 1000 gallons (3785 liters)
Reservoir Configurations JIC, Flooded Suction, Right Angle, Elevated
Power Source Electric, Diesel, Gasoline, Pneumatic

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