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Oscillation Cylinders

Oscillation Cylinders Mould Oscillation

Oscillation systems are used in continuous billet or bloom casting plants to keep the mould containing the steel melt in motion. These oscillating systems demand a high degree of reliability, a long service life in the form of a high stroke count, and automation with an extensive range of operating functions. As well as a single controlled cylinder axis, we also supply two synchronised cylinder axes as standard.

These oscillation systems are standardised designs depending on the application. All core elements such as hydraulic cylinders, valves and units are quickly determined and tailored to each specific application.

The scope of delivery of our oscillation systems comprises the drive unit including cooling and filtering, the hydrostatic bearing cylinder, the hydraulic components such as valves, valve block and accumulator, and the whole automation process including condition monitoring.

Key data for series production of oscillation systems:

  • Bore size:  60 mm to 150 mm
  • Dynamic cylinder force:  220 kN / -120 kN
  • Stroke frequency:  max. 10 Hz
  • Cylinder stroke:  variable
  • Service life:  85,000,000 double strokes
  • Operating life:  1 - 2 years

Oscillation systems with alternative demands to this series are also available.