Tri State Hydraulics

PIT-Series, Ultra-Booster

PIT-Series, Ultra-Booster Tensioner System


  • Ultra booster tensioner system works in combination with any hydraulic pump for double-acting torque wrenches that deliver a continuous oil flow of minimal 2 l/min and a working pressure of 160 bar; ideal to work in combination with the ZE4TW-pump.

  • Very flexible solution for all applications that require up to 2000 bar of working pressure


  • High portability as the PIT-1500 only weighs 10 kg

  • Useable with any electric or pneumatic driven pump and convert it into a ultra-high pressure pump


  • Preset 1:13 pressure intensifier ratio

  • With a 10-micron filter and visual filter condition indicator

  • Standard with an easy-to-read 100 mm diameter pressure gauge with 1% accuracy over full scale

Low Investment

  • In situations where both hydraulic torque wrenches and bolt tensioners need to be used, only one pump will be needed instead of two when an ultra booster is used

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