Tri State Hydraulics

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes

For the secure holding of static loads, our hydro motors and motor-gear combinations can also be fitted with an additional spring pressure disc brake. A distinction must be made here between brake types LBD and FL:

The LBD-type brakes form a single unit with the motor. They are always designed for the maximum possible motor torque. The connection dimensions of the brakes are identical with those of their respective motors, so that the brakes can simply be retrofitted if required. They include surface-treated interior parts and a special seal system, which allows these brakes to be operated with flame-resistant hydraulic fluids as well e.g. HFC.

Standardised add-on parts are used for attachment to a planetary gear.

Brakes of the type FL always form a unit with the respective gear. The hydro motor is also mounted to the brake input using standard add-on parts. The choice of brakes depends on the size of the gear and the respective holding torque. These brakes are not suitable for operation with flame-resistant hydraulic fluids or for switching frequencies greater than 60 per hour.

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