Tri State Hydraulics

Gear Motors

Gear motors

Drives with high torque requirements and low output speeds are often more economically realized by combining a hydraulic motor and one- to four-stage planetary gear.

Our radial piston motors of the series


KM 11 - KM 110
RM 80 N - RM 250 N
RM 250 X - RM 3150 X

and our axial piston motors of the AE series can be combined as required with our one- to four-stage planetary gears. In addition, spring pressure disc brakes which are required to hold static loads in place, can be installed between motor and gears.

We distinguish between coaxial and angular gear motors: 
Coaxial hydro-driven motors have a small design diameter, but usually require more installation space than angular gear motors. 
These have a short design length and are often used as wheel drives on account of the clearance height.

With our gear motors, permanent torques of approx. 0.3 to 540 kNm can be achieved as standard. The capacity range is from 0.3 to 160 kW. If required, higher torques and capacities can also be achieved.

Disc brakes
For the secure holding of static loads, our hydro motors and motor-gear combinations can also be fitted with an additional spring.

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