Tri State Hydraulics

XLP, VLP-Series, Hyd...

XLP, VLP-Series, Hydraulic Bench & Shop Presses

All bench and shop presses equipped with long life Golden Ring Design cylinder

XLP-Series hydraulic press

  • Multi-functional presses in kit form (50 and 75 ton presses)

  • Easy grip forklift access on 50 and 75 ton presses

  • Height adjustment of upper or lower bed with winch (50 & 75 ton)

  • Width adjustment allows cylinder to move from side-to-side

  • Pump options include XA-Series air-operated foot pump
    - pressure gauge integrated in pump for optimal control
    - suitable for delicate pressing jobs from variable oil flow.

VLP-Series hydraulic press

  • Unique "Hydrajust" bed positioning device on 100 and 200 ton VLP-presses allows adjustment of the lower bed.

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