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Pump Testing Capabilities

In our continuing commitment to the pump industry, Hydro has designed and built a state-of-the-art Test Lab, dedicated to the needs and requirements of the pump aftermarket. The Test Lab is strategically located in Chicago to service pump users throughout North America.

This testing capability enables Hydro to work with our customers to develop and implement engineering modifi cations for improving the performance of your critical pumps and then to verify that performance in the Test Lab. And because the Test Lab is dedicated to the aftermarket, we have the flexibility to schedule tests to meet your needs.



Hydro's new state-of-the-art Test Lab is dedicated to the needs and requirements of the pump aftermarket.

Key Features include:

  • Compliant with API 610 and Hydraulic Institute standards
  • Electrical connection to run up to 5,000 HP test
  • Variable Frequency Drive; 2300 - 4160 Volts
  • Dedicated loop with 1000 HP DC drive with speed increaser for specific product line
  • Flow rates from 75 – 35,000 gpm on the horizontal loop
  • Maximum flow rate of 42,000 gpm on the vertical loop
  • Configure hundreds of different suction and discharge configurations
  • Submersible testing with capacities from 4” -14” discharge nozzle sizes
  • NPSH testing
  • LabView data collection system, electronic flow meters, torque meter and remote valve controls
  • 100% committed to the pump aftermarket

The following is a representative sample of pump types tested:

Axially split, between bearings

  • Single stage double suction

  • Multi-stage volute style

  • Multi-stage in-line diffuser style

  • Multi-stage diffuser opposed impeller

Radially split between bearings

  • Single stage double suction

Over hung cantilever style

  • Horizontal single stage

  • Vertical

Barrel, multi-stage

  • Axially split volute style

  • Radially split volute style

  • Diffuser style

Vertical turbine

Vertical, can style

Boiler Circulating


The Test Lab, located at the HydroAire 40th Street Service Center in Chicago, is strategically located to serve pump users throughout North America.

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