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Trimax S50 – S350 Pumps

The ‘S’ range of plunger pumps forms the core of RMI pumping systems. To meet the most demanding operating conditions, the pumps are under a continuous development programme, with higher efficiency and reduced lifetime cost key considerations in our design review process.


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Quinmax S500

The S500 is the latest addition to the ‘S’ range. The five-plunger design exerts lower forces on the crankshaft and associated bearings, while reduced hydraulic noise and pressure pulses minimise the impact of surges on other critical items of equipment, increasing their life expectancy.

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Control Equipment

To maximise system efficiencies, we will supply a complete control solution, including variable speed drives, automatic controls, and all the operating and health-monitoring functions to ensure the equipment runs efficiently and fault free.


Environmental Protection

To guard against the hazardous and challenging conditions within which many of our pumps operate, varying protective housings designs are available to protect the pump station from the site environment, dust, chemical and weather damage, and noise.

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