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Servo Controller (MSC I)

Servo Controller (MSC I)

  • MSC I is a freely programmable servo controller with integrated PLC functionality and it belongs to the M3000 family.

  • Programming is completed with the Moog Axis Control Software (MACS), an integrated development environment based on IEC 61131.

  • MSC I is best suited for applications where one or two actuators need to be controlled via an analog interface. 

  • Typical applications are the closed-loop control of one or two hydraulic axes.


  • CPU

    40 MHz

  • Memory

    4 MB Flash EEPROM

  • Minimum Task Cycle Time

    400 micro seconds

  • Update Rate of I/Os

    With fastest task

  • Position Transducer Interface

    2 x Configurable as SSI (Master or Slave) or Incremental Encoder

  • Analog I/O

    8 x analog input, 2 x analog output, all with configurable range and 16 bit resolution

  • Digital I/O

    8 x digital I/O

  • Standard Bus Interface

    2 x CAN/CANopen, 2 x TIA/EIA 232, Ethernet, E-bus interface to extension modules

  • Optional Interfaces

    Profibus-DP slave

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