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Kawasaki engineers developed our original KV Series axil piston pump in 1968.  Since then, we have been at the leading edge in the development of these technologies to satisfy the demanding needs of our customers.

The present K3V Series pump design was first introduced in 1987.  The primary application for this pump was in earth-moving and construction industries where more than 900,000 units have been supplied.  The outstanding reliability and reputation of Kawasaki Pumps in this market sector is well known.

Kawasaki introduced the K3VL Series Pumps in 2000, to satisfy American and European market requirements.  This pump series features American (SAE) and International (ISO) mounting, shaft, and port configurations.  In addition, design characteristics from our K3V Series Pumps were adopted to meet stringent requirements for noise, efficiency, controllability, and durability.  Kawasaki piston pumps are the preferred choice where continuous, reliable, and efficient operation of equipment is necessary.

The flexibility of K3VL Series Pumps enable them to be applied in a wide variety of mobile, industrial, marine, and other industries.  K3VL pumps have been successfully applied on power units, press machinery, test stands, oil field equipment, drilling and mining machinery, construction equipment and many other applications.

All pumps are rigorously tested and documented before shipment and are fully warranted.

Kawasaki K3VL Axial Piston Pumps - where power, efficiency, quality, and reliability come together.

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