Tri State Hydraulics

EMC / EMI Testing

Clark Testing has a 17025 accredited EMC/EMI laboratory in the mid-Atlantic area of the USA that also offers seismic testing, shock testing, vibration testing, and environmental testing. We are a 'one-stop' test laboratory for companies looking to qualify their products for industrial applications such as power generation, telecom, medical, aerospace, as well as military requirements, particularly the navy. Our knowledgeable team can also perform product qualification services to companies providing electronic components and systems to the commercial nuclear power industry under 10CFR-50 regulations. 

Clark Testing has several state of the art EMC/EMI chambers which are equipped to handle many industry requirements such as Military, Power Generation, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecom, and Medical. Whether your project is in the design, development, or pre-compliance and qualification stages, our experienced staff will provide you with top quality and timely results. 

Testing Services Available

EMC Facility : Shielded Enclosures

MIL-STD 461F Anechoic Chamber 
Clark's MIL Std chamber is ideal for qualifying medium to large sized equipment, components and sub-systems to Military EMC requirements. 

Accepts Products Up to 8ft & 10,000lbs - Door Size 10ft Height x 8ft Width
Frequency Between 50hz & 40 Ghz
Equipment Power From DC to 220VAC 50/60Hz