Tri State Hydraulics

Fuels & Lubrication

The lab specializes in wear testing of products based on test rigs such as Four-Ball wear, Hydraulic Pump Wear, and FZG Gear. Clark Testing Fuels & Lubricants Laboratory is fully equipped to perform tests ranging from routine analyses to quality control. With over 20 years of analytical experience, coupled with a stringent quality assurance program, this lab is dedicated to serving client requests on time. 

Clark Testing Fuels & Lubricants Laboratory tests distillates, including gasoline and diesel fuels, alternative fuels (biodiesel, ethanol), oil, lubricants, and grease products for physical properties and chemical compositions relative to ASTM specification. 

The specialty services of this lab include diesel and gasoline specifications; alternate fuels (biodiesel, ethanol); aviation turbine fuels; fuel oils; motor oils; mineral; glycol, and synthetic lubricants; hydraulic fluids; crude oils and distillates. 

In addition, the laboratory offers technical consulting services pertaining to product testing and is proficient in tests for quality assurance programs, purchase product specification comparisons and new product compatibility testing. 

FLUID TESTING CLARK TESTING Laboratory Testing Fuels & Lubrication