Tri State Hydraulics

Shock & Vibration Testing

Clark Testing has the experience and capabilities necessary to assist you with your new and current product development. While many laboratories have the ability to identify your problem, we have the talent and experience to formulate realistic solutions that can be implemented within the confines of your budget and current product development schedule. 

We use a state of the art electronic monitoring systems and recorders to insure a detailed comprehensive test report through National Instruments (NTI) - up to 36 monitoring per unit under test. 


Types of Tests:

  • Acoustic Intensity Test/Sound Power Test

  • ASTM C384 and E1050 Materials Acoustic Absorption Test

  • ASTM E756 Material, Damping Test

  • Consulting

  • Industrial & Environmental Noise Control

  • Leq survey

  • Machinery Monitoring Test

  • Medium Weight Shock up to 7400lbs

  • Modal Analysis

  • Random Vibration for 2Hz to 2000Hz

  • SAE J1400 Material, Acoustic Barrier Test

  • Shock Pulses (Half Sine Wave)

  • Spectral Analysis

  • System Dynamic Analysis & Simulation

  • Test System Design & Development

  • Vibration Aging Test

  • Vibration Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Vibration Sweeps & Natural Frequency Searches

Test Equipment

Single Axis Shake Table: Vertical

Bare Table Weight 6,000 lbs.
Table Angle Vertical
Actuator 55,000 lbs. Force ±1 in Stroke
Servovalve 70 gal./min.

Single Axis Shake Table: Horizontal

Bare Table Weight 4,600 lbs.
Table Angle Horizontal
Actuator 30,000 lbs. Force ±3 in Stroke
Servovalve 25 gal./min

RIM Table

Bare Table Weight 400 lbs.
Actuator 55,000 lbs. Force, Stroke normally utilized +5" (maximum stroke available +4.95")
Servovalve 200 gals/min.
Peak Velocity 70"/second
Maximum Accelerations 8 g up to 4,000 lbs. total weight on table

LING  Heavy Equipment 
30,000lb Force Capacity 
Medium Weight 
Light Weight 


Other Test Equipment

  • Acoustic intensity and modal analysis test equipment

  • Analog and digital data recorders

  • Deflection Monitoring

  • Electrical Monitoring / Data Acquisition

  • Hipot Testing

  • ISO hand/arm vibration meter

  • Multi-channel spectrum analyzers

  • Multiple Hydraulic & Electrodynamic Shaker Table

  • On-Site Vibration Analysis

  • Pre/ Post Functional Testing

  • Reference sound sources

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