Tri State Hydraulics

Explosion Proof

Magnetostrictive position sensor / explosion-proof
50 - 7 600 mm, 350 - 530 bar


Temposonics IS position sensor is designed to be used in applications that have an ignitable mixtures of materials. This sensor helps in creating a safe environment for such applications. It can be used for linear or level measurement in areas that are dangerous as per the equipment group category II. It can also be used in hazardous areas of the instrument category of 1/2G and 2D. This would be with help from corresponding certified safety barriers. 

Temposonics IS position sensor offers the advantages of absolute, non-contact position measurement without requiring any additional housing in an environment with high explosion risk as the instrument comes along with the dimensions of the product range?s standard transducers. The device also has low voltage and current consumption. This reduces the risk of explosion caused by spark formation. The sensor can be used in most of the circumstances as its surface temperature does not rise above 135°C.

MOTION CONTROLS MTS Sensors Explosion Proof