Tri State Hydraulics


Absolute magnetostrictive position sensor / redundant
50 - 5 000 mm | GT


Temposonics Gt is safety control device that ensures complete safety for applications, whose failure might lead to disastrous effects in the form of cost and safety expenditures. Two or three critical variables measure the G-series sensor in identical systems of measurements. They can be easily switched on, as each of it is completely independent. These measurement systems are also made of same blocks/equipments, which is a basic sensor, evaluation electronics that also has separated output signal connected to a supply voltage. All of these basic components are placed in pressure-resistant stainless steel pipes to ensure direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders. A magnet referred to as the position magnet travels without contact along the sensory rod which is merged into an open piston, measuring the point through its wall. The basic elements such as pipe, thread and magnet are of standard dimensions and standard materials. The validity of the position managements is checked by the totals formation with inverse output signal programming (4-20mA, 20-4mA, a total of 24), or by difference formation (=0). Any abrupt variation is rectified immediately.