Tri State Hydraulics

MB Series

Linear position sensor / absolute magnetostrictive / for mobile hydraulics
75 - 250 mm | MB


Temposonics® MB High Pressure Compact Sensors are made by using stainless steel. The device is compact in size and is mainly used for installation in hydraulic cylinders for mobile machines. It can be used with various types of hydraulic cylinders. The instrument is also usable with high quality cylinders and precise control valves to form useful driving systems for technically demanding mobile hydraulics applications. 

The device gives the precise accuracy in the range of 72 to 250 mm. it is highly durable and its Linearity Tolerance is less than 0,15 mm full stroke and Hysteresis is < ± 0,1 mm. The device is immune against electromagnetic HF fields up to 100 V/m. The unit is easy to mount and install. It is also durable and rugged.