Tri State Hydraulics

MC 420 Series

Magnetostrictive level sensor
457 - 5 486 mm | MC 420 series


The Level Plus® Model MC420 is an economical analog communication interface which is useful for use in hazardous applications. The instrument offers a single-channel analog 4 to 20 mA output for either a product level or an interface level measurement. There are various factors such as selected float and application that will determine use. It is certified to be used in intrinsically safe applications by FM, CSA and ATEX. It is recommended that appropriate barriers are used while installing the device in any hazardous area.

The Level Plus® also provides the HART® field communications protocol for setup and calibration, apart from the single-channel 4 to 20 mA loop. Integrated reed switches and a supplied magnet can be used for calibration purpose. There is no requirement to use expensive electronics. The transmitter is also not required to be maintained or recalibrated after the installation.