Tri State Hydraulics

MHagri Series

Linear position sensor / absolute magnetostrictive / for mobile hydraulics
50 - 1 000 mm, 0.25 mm | MHagri series


MTS Sensor Technologie presents Temposonics MH Agri sensor. It is used for in-cylinder position measurement of a cylinder. The MH Agri can be recognized by its green lid. It has been designed to work on big projects in the agriculture machinery market. Its technology is the same as the standard MH. However it has limited features aimed specifically towards its target market. It offers customers an economic solution to their position sensing needs. This is achieved by optimizing the electronic to the specific needs and challenges of agricultural machinery. 

MH Agri offers 12VDC power supply and output of 0.25 VDC to 4.75 VDC. It has a 10 mm sensor rod, which resistant to pressure. It can handle operating pressure of 300 bar and pressure spikes of 400 bar. It has a stroke range of 50 to 1000 mm. The sensor has 50g shock and 15g vibration rating. It has been EMC tested as per ISO 14982. It features MTS proprietary M12 connector system, which provides IP 69k protection when fitted in cylinder.