Tri State Hydraulics

MR Series

Magnetostrictive level sensor
508 - 7 620 mm | MR series


Level Plus® Model MR level transmitter meets the requirements for analog communication interface which offers unsurpassed liquid level marketplace flexibility to handle most of the process conditions.

It is a 3 in 1 measurement using the single process opening for the interface & product level and temperature measurements. There is no requirement for continuous maintenance or re calibration once the transmitter is installed.

These products are modular in design and offer a wide range of selection in transmitter pipe styles, housing styles and wet materials. It features a removable sensing element and can also accommodate RTD for measurement of temperature on the spot.

The sensing element and electronics housing may be taken off from the transmitter pipe based on the electrical codes. The removal does not disturb the operation of process. This saves both time & money.