Tri State Hydraulics


Linear position sensor / absolute magnetostrictive / for mobile hydraulics
50 - 2 500 mm, 100 g, 200 V/m, SIL2


The Temposonics M-series is developed by MTS and is enhanced for integration into hydraulic cylinders. The sensor was built to resist shock, vibration, and extreme environmental conditions. External effects on the measurement signal are minimized by the interference suppression feature. This also works in blocking out HF electric fields that go up to 200 V/m, and enables vibration resistance up to 25 gave and shock resistance of more than 100 g. 

Changing the hydraulic oil while operating causes no impact on the measurement. The Temposonics M-series uses a magnetorestrictive technology. It also follows the magnetorestrictive measurement principle which is a warranty for wear and maintenance-free, contactless position measurement. Even as the position changes, the device still continuously measures the position and speed.