Tri State Hydraulics

Electronic Grease
The Alemite Electronic Grease Meter works with virtually any type of grease dispensing valve or grease gun. This in-line meter provides accurate and reliable grease delivery, optimizing lubrication consumption while ensuring components receive appropriate lubrication.
  • Resettable, easy to read LCD indicates batch and cumulative totals
  • Oval gear technology
  • Accurately displays amount of grease dispensed, allowing user to
  • deliver required lubrication
  • Decreases lubricant waste
Requires Adapter Kit
  • Battery Powered Guns: 340062
  • 500 Series Manual Guns: 41531
  • 6320-3 Control Valve: 327899-3
  • 6243-J3 and 6679-J3 Guns: 306722
  • Lincoln Guns: 340180

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