Tri State Hydraulics

US 40 - 3VG

The stationary and mobile off-line-filter units (US, UM) were particularly developed for pil maintenance of hydraulic systems. They are equiped with a gear pump driven by an electric motor. The flow is fed over a filter element to DIN 24550, part 4. Depending on the customers wishes, the filter fineness is either 1, 3, 6, or 10.

In addition, we have ddeveloped the stationary series USP and UST with plate exchanger and tubular heat exchanger which provide the additional advantage of oil cooling.  As third series we offer the UMW as mobile filter unit with water separator.  The off-line-filter unit must not be used to pump contaminated hydraulic fluids and are therefore designed without a switchover fitting to bypass the filter.

The compact structural design on a base plate without pipe satisfies the prerequisites for small dimensions and high reliability.

Off-line-filter unit with cooler (USP, UST)
At first, the flow is fed over a filter element to DIN 24550, part 4 and afterwards over a plate exchanger or a tubular heat exchanger.

Mobile off-line-filter unit with water separator (UMW)
Oil maintenance takes place in two stages via two in-line filters. The filter element in filter F1 ensures the removal of the contamination depending on the customer requirements.  Water is separated in filter F2 by means for two parallel-acting water absorption filter elements.