Tri State Hydraulics



Aerospace Controls
ITT is a market leader in design, development and manufacture of fluid control devices, electromechanical actuators and switches for the aerospace industry. We serve commercial and military aerospace and space programs.
Energy Absorption
ITT produces high-quality and performance hydraulic shock absorbers and systems for street and race cars, buses, trucks and trailers.

ITT serves customers in the aerospace industry with a wide variety of motion control, energy absorption and vibration isolation products. From protecting cabin interiors from noise and vibration, to providing advanced seat recline systems, ITT is continually striving to improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crews.

As an industry leader in solutions for the rail market, ITT offers a comprehensive line of products for passenger rail, locomotive, freight car, track, and signal and communication applications, including hydraulic shock absorbers, yaw dampers and friction snubbers, as well as air, chevron, conical and layer springs.
Friction Technologies
ITT produces and supplies brake pads and friction technologies for all categories of cars and commercial vehicles, both light and heavy, to major transportation manufacturers around the world.
Interconnect Solutions
ITT is a leader in proving customized connector solutions that perform in the harshest environments. With its broad array of connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies and other highly engineered solutions, ITT is synonymous with the high standards of quality required in the transportation market.
Natural Gas Regulators
ITT manufactures natural gas regulators for cars and trucks – an essential component for safe, reliable and durable natural gas fuel systems.
Seat Controls
ITT’s seat actuation control positioning systems offers airline and rail passengers a very fluid seat motion. Their numerous seat position control axes move simultaneously so that all reach their end of motion at the same time, regardless of starting position.