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Low-Pressure Connectors

DELTA DELAGE Low- pressure Auxim connectors: tried-and tested products Auxim connectors are proven products in demanding applications such as railway rolling stock braking systems. They are also very efficient in other sectors. Navy: water system (washing, domestic, soft and salt water cooling systems, scupper circuit etc), air circuit (inert gas, compressed air, air release, probe and filling, steam and condensate), oil transport etc Chemicals and pharmaceuticals: for all types of fluid transportation with adapted elastic seals. Can be mounted on glass tubes Other industries: nuclear (radio protection), engines (diesel, thermal, gas), all low and high temperature applications, multiple fluids (studies required) etc Tried-and-tested connectors Auxim Rx connectors are designed to: join together smooth, rigid or flexible pipes - 1/8 to - 2" and - 6 to - 57 mm ("tube's outer diameter) simply with the aid of two open-end spanners, avoid the need to thread, solder or splay the tubes or fit a sealing ring, withstand service pressures of 600 bars (- 6 mm) to 50 bars (- 57 mm) according to diameter. Product benefits When fitting: Axial trimming for each tube - 3° Standard or thin-walled tubes can be used with higher tolerances for outer diameter Tubes of different materials can be connected Excellent vibration, pressure and temperature resistance (CETIM trial no. 6019718 /661/4a of 20/11/92) In use: Spatial requirement: smaller bending radius Safe because it is fully sealed, reliable thanks to its resistance to vibrations and durability commensurate with the service life of the rolling stock. For maintenance: The same seals can be used when dismantling and reassembling, without the need to cut the tube. No deformation of tube or alteration of surface state, no preparation (threading, crimping, soldering etc) required Easy to take apart and reassemble (union slides onto the tube) Low operating cost and low maintenance Specifications Type of connectors: straight union, stud male/female/reducing union, elbow, male elbow, Tee, Male/reducing tee, adjustable, multi-directional, cross, Y branch, bulkhead, male/female/reducing union adaptor, plug etc Available materials: steel, brass, stainless steel aluminium Sleeve coating: electrophoresis, phosphate treatment, white galvanized (without hexavalent chromium), Clamping device: steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic Seal: NBR, EPDM, Viton, Silicon, and "low temperature" Layout: cylindrical/conical gas, NPT, ISO metric Type of circuit: Compressed air, butane, propane etc; Water and steam, ozone etc; Hydrocarbons, liquid or gaseous etc Quality excellence Auxim Rx connectors are made to ISO 9001 standard Ed.2000.

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