Tri State Hydraulics

Microfil III media

Microfil III media are made from micro-fine glass fibers which are randomly laid into a multilayered web.  The media are impregnated with proprietary resins and thermally cured for strength and stability.  They are engineered with a tapered pore geometry to provide superior contaminant capacity.  Larger pores are located on the upstream surface, with finer and finer pores in the depth of the media.  This proven media design philosophy gives Microfil III superior on-stream life versus competitive elements.  All Microfil III elements are designed and tested to provide Bx > 200 filtration efficiency.  Microfil III elements are offered in standard grades of 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, and 25 microns.  They are designed and tested to withstand 150 and 300 psid collapse pressure, while Hi-Collapse Microfil III is designed to withstand 3000 psid.

FILTERS & SEALS Purolator Microfil III media