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RFC Fluid Inventory...

RFC Fluid Inventory Control System

Provides Printed Transaction Records

  • Totally wireless communication between keypad and dispense valve - no hard wiring required to install system

  • Simple installation - Attach dispense valves to hoses - Plug the keypad into a standard 120V AC outlet 

  • Supervisor and operator levels of security let you decide who can use, program and monitor the system

  • Manage up to eight fluids and 30 simultaneous dispense meters with a single system 

  • Built-in ticket printer delivers a written record for each transaction

  • 49 unique operation IDs and PIN numbers

  • Uses direct sequences spread spectrum 2.4 GHz RF technology to prevent communication problems with other equipment in the facility

  • Dispenses in pints, quarts, gallons or liters

  • Field replaceable AA batteries in meters

  • Control of portable fluid tanks

  • Antenna extension kit allows keypad antenna to be mounted in location up to 30 feet from keypad to eliminate potential obstructions

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