Tri State Hydraulics

Radiamatic RPM 41
Product description:
Radial shaft seal made from an elastomer material with an 
embedded steel body featuring radial and circumferential 
lubricating grooves for twin arrangement.

Product Advantages:
  • Available in endless or jointed versions 
  • 24 hours service also of customized sizes
  • Self-retaining with a secure press fit
  • Optimized wear resistance 
  • For open and cover plated housings 
  • No exposed corroding components 
  • Without any springs 
  • Rubber at outer diameter to prevent housing damage while mounting respectively demounting

Examples of use:

  • Rotary shaft seal for sealing flange bores on working rolls in 
    rolling mills.

Parameters of use:

FILTERS & SEALS Merkel Radial-Axial Shaft Seals Radiamatic RPM 41