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Element Technology

Element Technology

High-efficiency elements for lubrication and fluid power systems

Our exceptional elements are tested to ensure fabrication integrity in the manufacturing process. They are also tested for efficiency and dirt holding capacity in a multi-pass test stand, equipped with inline particle capabilities, which are calibrated to ISO standards.


Schroeder’s complete line of quality filtration elements—including Schroeder’s original element designs, BestFit® replacement elements, CoreCentric® coreless repair elements and DirtCatcher® —are manufactured with Excellement® Z-Media®. The better efficiencies, excellent stability, lower pressure drops, and higher dirt holding capacities provided by Excellement® Z-Media® mean cleaner oil, longer element life, and less downtime. They outlast, outperform, and excel in every measurable benchmark.

The Excellement® Z-Media® series of filter elements have been designed, tested, and proven to be the best performing elements available on the market today.

Schroeder Z-Media® elements are tested under cyclic flow conditions to verify flow fatigue characteristics. Extra strength and rigidity are engineered into every one of these filter elements through the use of epoxy-coated steel wire fabric and additional support layers. (ZX Series high crush strength capabilities are available for 3000 psi applications.)

A wide range of Schroeder Z-Media® elements enable you to achieve the desired cleanliness level for your system. Developed through comprehensive laboratory testing and field performance studies, these elements have been proven effective. Effective cleanliness levels that can be achieved using Z-Media® filter elements in various applications.

A monetary value can be calculated for a filter element by considering its dirt holding capacity and efficiency in combination with its cost. To make this determination, first find out how much you’re spending to clean your fluid to a desirable cleanliness level. Then figure out how much contamination (in grams) that the element is actually retaining. These two numbers will make it possible to calculate the grams of dirt per dollar spent. It’s one thing to clean the oil, but it’s another to clean the oil and simultaneously provide maximum element life. With Excellement® Z-Media®, you don’t need to sacrifice element life to achieve high efficiency.

We are confident that the high efficiencies, exceptional dirt holding capacities, and low pressure drops—combined with Schroeder’s competitive prices— make elements made with Excellement® Z-Media®the best value in the market today.

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Element Filter  

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