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Fuel Filtration

Fuel Filtration

Ten years ago a diesel engine did not require anything close to the level of filtration provided by Schroeder. With poor quality filters the engine would still run, maybe not efficiently, but it would run. But with today’s, engines both the particulate and the coalescing filters must be of only the highest quality. Be assured the results of poor filtration are no longer just black smoke and a lack of horsepower. No, with Tier 4 engines’ poor filtration will likely mean l?ost revenue due to downtime as the operator pays to replace a failed injector. These problems are both manageable and should not add cost. With good filtration installed at the fill point and at the engine will run more efficiently and continuously, but the filters used and the higher level of filtration required can no longer be an afterthought. It must become the focal point of any feel and or any operator. Filtration quality and the profitable operation of any Tier 4 engine will become one in the same.

The Tier 4 engine is a technology shift and when compared to Tier 1-3 engines, Tier 4 engines require a completely superior level of filtration to run, much less to run reliably and efficiently. Tier 4 diesel engines will now react more violently if the injectors are constantly bombarded by contamination. To put this into perspective newly delivered bulk diesel fuel typically has an ISO cleanliness level of ISO 22/20/18 to ISO 21/19/17 but today’s injectors need to see fluid with a cleanliness level of below ISO 11/8/6 (aerospace cleanliness).

As we have and continue to transition into the new world of Tier 4 requirements, the answer to the question “How clean does my fuel need to be” will be – ISO 11/8/6 or better and the most cost effective way to consistently achieve this is through the use of the highest capacity, highest quality, particulate and coalescing filtration used at the point of dispense (at the bulk tank and on the engine itself). The engine filter can no longer be the only solution. There is simply not enough room in the engine and the cost to address the cleanliness only at the engine will become too high. Now going forward, bulk fuel filtration must be ground zero and it must be of the highest quality. The filtration performance specifications are now important and users must pay attention to the specifications and mandate only the best.

It’s against this emissions reduction backdrop that Schroeder Industries developed its series of bulk / on-board, fuel-specific filtration products. From an environmental, economic and regulatory viewpoint we defined the critical elements our products needed to achieve customer needs, in doing so we have laid the ground work now and for the future. While our competitors approach with yesterday’s technology, Schroeder Industries is focused on being a world leader in the fuels filtration field by being positioned to real issues of today.

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