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Process Filtration

Process Filtration

Innovating water and chemical filtration/strainer products for improving performance and efficiency in industry.

We design solutions for industry and for the success of our customers by:

Our goal is to be your partner in filtration. Our expertise in filtration/strainer technology, superior filter and element technology capabilities and a level of dedication to customer service and product support are the reasons we’re a worldwide leader in Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions®.

Committed to providing the best available filter/strainer products, Schroeder Industries will show how we meet all of the necessary cleanliness levels at a competitive price. As a cost-effective quality producer, we will work with your purchasing department to supply filtration.

When considering a Schroeder Water/Process Filter/Strainer for your application, you can select from our designs:

Please select:

  • There are eight (8) main considerations in choosing the proper filter housing:

    • Optimizing the use of technology with applications
    • Using an efficient, timely customized process to fill specific customer needs
    • Increasing manufacturing capacity and streamlining operations
    • Preserving our reputation for reliability
    • Expanding globally to support our customers and stay current with new technologies
    • Leveraging and sharing our knowledge to meet challenges openly
    • Nurturing a creative, cooperative culture committed to the individual and to providing the best solutions for our customers
      • Backflush Filters/Strainers (automatic and manual): Backflushing filters cover a wide range of flows and filtration ratings. Some are automatic using electronics and pneumatics controlled by a PLC-based panel. Others require an operator to manually back-flush the filter/strainer. The elements in each of the backflush filter/strainers are reusable.
      • Bag Filter Systems – These filter housings come in various sizes and multi-bag housings are available for higher flow applications. The filter bags are disposable and available in many types of media’s. They are suitable for coarse and fine filtration.
      • Cartridge Filter Systems – Cartridge elements utilize depth filtration to increase dirt holding capacity while offering efficient filtration. The elements are well suited for fine filtration. Housings for these elements are available in polypropylene for single cartridges and stainless steel for multiple cartridges.
      • Fluid Compatibility – How will the materials of construction and seals for both the housing and element withstand the process medium?
        • Materials of Construction
          a. Housing Construction – Carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, brass and more.
          b. Seals – Buna, EPDM, Viton, Teflon® (a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers) and more.
          c. Filter Elements – Please see Element Selection Guide and Technical Data Section (page 6) for more detailed information.
        • Pressure Rating – The maximum sustainable working pressure of the system.
        • Pressure Drop (loss) – How important is maintaining pressure rating and heat generation in the system?
        • Process Connection Size – The process piping and specific requirements of the system determine these criteria.
        • Filter Element Options – What is the desired pore size of the element and the requirements of the system (please see Filter Element Selection)?
        • Overall Efficiency – Based on filter element selection.
        • Accessories – Gauges, system monitoring, control panels
        • Economic Considerations
  • Backflushing Filter/Strainers
  • Automatic Twist Flow Strainer
  • Bag Housings & Elements 
  • Cartridge Housings & Elements
  • Mining-Specific Products

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