Tri State Hydraulics

Series 1020M

The 1015 is an economic cartridge seal for numerous services in chemical processing, water treatment, pulp and paper, and power generation industries. The 1015 is designed to fit standard stuffing boxes without modifying the pump. Also, available for big bore seal chambers. Off the shelf availability.


  • Each cartridge is shipped factory preset and pressure tested.
  • The preset cartridge helps eliminate installation errors.
  • A flexible stator self-aligning design to provide for even face loading.
  • The springs and pins are isolated from the product to prevent clogging and corrosion.
  • Large single flush port for API plan 11, 13, or 32 operation.


  • Temperatures: 0ªF to 400ªF (-20 C to 204 C)*
  • Pressure: Up to 400 psi (28 bar)*
  • Shaft Speeds: Up to 3600 RPM*


  • Gland, Sleeve, Face Carrier, and Collar: 316 SS
  • Rotary Face: Silicon Carbide
  • Stationary Face: Carbon or Silicon Carbide
  • Elastomers: FKM standard/ FFKM or EPR optional
  • Available in sizes up to 5.00″ / Available in metric sizes

As always, Consult Your FSI Representative for applications which approach or exceed these parameters.

Download PDF:  Mechanical Seals Series 1015

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