Tri State Hydraulics

7R series - Air/Oil Tank


  • 250 psi Pressure Rating

  • 3.25 through 14.00 bore

The 7R series air/oil tanks are an all steel rugged design with a sight glass for gauging oil levels within the tank. The 7R tanks can be pressurized to 250 psi to supply hydraulic fluid to low pressure hydraulic circuits.

Basic Product Offers

  • 100,000 psi min yield Tie Rod Material
  • Steel Honed Bore
  • Precision Machined Covers
  • Exterior Site Gauge
  • Multiple Mounting Styles
  • NPTF Ports
  • Extra Fill Ports

Optional Product Offers

  • Wide Variety of Seal Materials
  • Stainless Steel Rod Materials
  • Multiple Port Types
  • Special Fluid Applications
  • Special Coatings
HYDRAULIC & AIR CYLINDERS ORTMAN Special Ties 7R series - Air/Oil Tank