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Portable Test Controller

Portable Test Controller


The Portable Test Controller can operate electric and hydraulic test actuators in a setup with a maximum of six servo-control channels. It can be used standalone directly through the display or through the operating panel placed near the test rig. Software features, such as station configuration, calibration and tuning, playing, editing and recording sequences are made available through the PC application with the ability to run multiple stations simultaneously. 

The Portable Test Controller incorporates a unique force loop technology for force, displacement and acceleration control to handle general purpose testing. It is ideal for either replacement or upgrade to digital control. Typical test systems the Portable Test Controller can be used in are single- and multi-axis test systems, hydraulic simulation tables and tire-coupled simulation systems (4-poster test systems).


Aerospace TestingAutomotive Testing including durability and fatigue testing, vibration, shock, performance evaluation and related testing. 


  • 1-6 channels
  • Perform your tasks using the PC application. Perform basic tasks through the onboard display panel or through a mobile device
  • Language selection
  • Random time history iteration and durability test playback
  • Advanced control loop technology, unique control algorithm
  • EtherCAT I/O
  • Open architecture
  • Proven controller reliability with thousands control channels installed and used daily in test labs around the world

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